ISITC Members Making an Impact

In addition to their commitment to ISITC, our members are dedicated leaders in financial services. We are excited to highlight their involvement around the industry, and thankful for their hard work and the positive impact they are making.

This year, we would like to recognize the following ISITC members for their active participation and leadership roles across the industry:

Erik Barry

  • CFTCs Technology Advisory Committee
  • CFTC Distributed Ledger Subcommittee

Charles Boniver

  • SMPG: Program Director and co-chair of the Funds working group
  • ISO 20022 Vice Convenor of the Securities SEG
  • ISO 20022 T2S and Funds Evaluation Team Facilitator

Jason Brasile

  • SIFMA AMG Operations Executive Steering Committee Member
  • SMPG Steering Committee Member – Americas Regional Director
  • ISO20022 Securities SEG SnR Evaluation Team Facilitator

Jason Ward

  • ICI Digital Asset & Fintech Advisory Board

Michael Burg

  • ANNA DSB Product committee
  • ISDA CDM Executive Committee

Corby Dear

  • Vice Chair of the X9 Board of Directors & Standards Consensus Body
  • Vice Chair of the X9D Securities Subcommittee

Paul Fullam

  • Vice Chair of the SMPG

Lisa Iagatta

  • Chair for the ASC X9 Finance committee

Aundrea Jarvis

  • SMPG: Co-chair of the Settlements & Reconciliation Working Group

Walter Palmer

  • Vice Chair for the Association of Global Custodian’s America’s Focus Committee

Rich Robinson

  • Lead Sherpa for the Financial Markets Infrastructure Workstream of APFF (Asia Pacific Financial Forum)

Louis Rosato

  • FIX Board

Steven Sloan

  • Chair of the ISO20022 Corporate Actions
  • Evaluations Team and US representative on SMPG for Corporate Actions