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Apply as an Individual of a Member Firm

Employees of member firms can join ISITC at no additional cost. For a list of current member firms, please see the list here. If your firm is not already a member of ISITC, you can apply for a Firm Membership below.

Apply for a Firm Membership

ISITC membership is firm based. In order to become a member of ISITC, your firm needs to be a member. You can apply for a firm membership here. The Pro-rated Membership - April - June rate is $3,375 for your entire firm.

Apply for an Enterprise Membership

An Enterprise membership is designed for firms that have multiple legal entities that roll up into a parent company. The membership allows all of these entities (2 or more) to be under one membership, at one cost. The cost for an Enterprise Membership is $9,000. All of the same membership benefits apply to this membership as a regular firm membership, which can be found here.

Apply for an Enterprise Membership