Dannette Fleming

Northern Trust Company

Dannette Fleming is a Vice President at Northern Trust Company within Global Services Industry & Capabilities. She has a B.A. degree in Accounting from Arizona State University and is a Certified Public Accountant. Dannette is currently studying to pass the CFA exam and has an interest in expanding her knowledge of data / information modeling which is required for her current role. She is currently one of the co-chairs for the Custodian Forum within ISITC.

Dannette has been at Northern for 32 years. She began her career in the Client Accounting department, responsible for auditing periodic account reporting packages for Northern Trust’s clients. She continued her career by managing the Investment Manager Communication and Technology support team. This team supported the delivery and receipt of SWIFT messaging between the Investment Managers and Northern Trust Custody. This was her first time being exposed to SWIFT messaging. Since then, her knowledge and appreciation has grown. Through her work with ISITC a financial industry body, she has made connections with peers to discuss relevant pain points and what we can do as a community to come up with solutions to resolve those problems. One example of a project she led, was a group of industry peers that came together to discuss a new approach for transitioning assets between Global Custodians. 

Currently, Dannette supports an internal messaging standard based on the ISO 20022 methodology while leveraging the current set of models which includes a library of messages. She helped to build and rollout a process for development of internal standards and is now governing their use across the enterprise and educating partners on the methodology and approach.

Dannette was nominated by the SWIFT U.S. Steering committee to represent the United States in the XML Message Naming – Business Area Working Group. The group was formed to help SWIFT define and structure the different business areas in the financial industry.

She has also participated in SWIFT U.S. Steering Committee and SMPG meetings. In 2008 she participated in the ISO 20022 Payments Maintenance group for 2009 updates.