Video Interview: ISITC Second Vice Chair Rich Robinson Discusses the Future of Data

Rich Robinson, ISITC Second Vice Chair, recently sat down with ComSpark at the MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality (MITCDOIQ) Symposium to share his subject matter expertise on data and standardization. As Rich notes in the interview, data evolves like a language, and both the meaning and representation of data can be different for different people in the financial services community. So, what’s the right way forward to create efficiencies and standardization in data meaning and interpretation?

Rich offers a solution by means of drawing from the linguistics field to better understand the ever-changing nature of data, and shares what the future of data management and interpretation could look like as a result.

Watch the full video for more information on Rich’s discoveries from working in the data world, barriers that need to be addressed, reasons to work in the field of data, and a vision for data in the future.

For further information on how to navigate the data landscape, view our joint webinar with EDM Council here.