ISITC Member Spotlight – Roger Fahy

When did you begin working with ISITC and what position do you hold
I joined ISITC in 2017 after a referral from two colleagues at CUSIP. As ISITC members, they had shared the value of their membership, so when a co-chair position for the regulatory forum opened, I raised my hand to volunteer. I had heard wonderful things about ISITC and wanted to get more involved. It ended up being a great fit, and I’m now going on my fifth year as a regulatory co-chair.


What has been your favorite part about joining the ISITC team? What upcoming projects are you most excited about?
The relationships and collaborations with fellow industry professionals are what drive ISITC. One of my favorite aspects of our work is the opportunity to discuss emerging trends and their impact on our industry among a membership with deep subject matter expertise. This diversity of experience allows each of us to be better informed and connected when solutioning the latest regulatory reporting mandate or understanding the newest reference data standard to name a few examples. The Regulatory Forum, for example, has worked closely with other groups such as the Reference Data and Standards and Settlements on things like; LEI regulatory developments, as well as, CSDR’s settlement discipline regime; which has helped to inform our approach on how best to help firms understand the rules, reporting obligations, and standards from a variety of angles.

When I look back at what Regulatory has covered since joining, I am very proud of the work Jen Diggin, Walt Palmer, co-chairs of the Regulatory Forum, and I have done in providing insight on regulations such as MiFID II, GDPR and CSDR to name a few. Looking ahead, SFDR and other ESG-related regulations will be top priorities, along with emerging challenges around the move toward digital and an accelerated settlement lifecycle.


What are some of the most impactful lessons you've gained from ISITC that you would share with someone joining the industry?
My key piece of advice would be to truly utilize the network available to you. It seems obvious, but ISITC has really taught me the value of building and leveraging those networks. That’s one of the coolest aspects of this organization: if I’m working on a project internally, there are ISITC colleagues I can call directly to talk through ideas and brainstorm solutions, and vice versa.

In terms of general advice, I would also say learn how to program, and be mindful of everything you put out into the world, knowing that what and how you share reflects how you present yourself to employers, clients  and colleagues alike.


What would be your alternative dream job if you were not working in financial services?
If I was not working in financial services, I would love to be a history teacher. History is a passion of mine, and I’ve always found teaching to come quite naturally. Either that or a sports broadcaster. I love experiencing the skill with which a good broadcaster can capture the movement and excitement of a play in real-time. I’m a New York sports fan, so the Jets and the Knicks would be my first picks.

What are your favorite activities/hobbies outside of work?
With five kids ranging from ages 1-17, I have plenty going on to keep me busy. When I’m not chauffeuring kids, I enjoy coaching my kids’ youth basketball teams and serving as a Scout Master for my son’s Cub Scout Pack. As a family we also enjoy the beach, hiking, camping, and sharing the joy of the great outdoors together.