ISITC Member Spotlight – Dianne O'Boyle

In our latest Member Spotlight, meet Dianne O’Boyle: Business Development and Sales Executive at Symbiont, a leading technology company focused on solving complex global finance problems and developing common market infrastructure.

When did you begin working with ISITC and what position do you hold? 
I began working with ISITC about ten years ago. I am now a co-Chair of the Digital Asset Forum.  

What has been your favorite part about joining the ISITC team?
ISITC is very much a team organization. Whether you are a regular participant in the committees and forums or an occasional conference attendee, you can reach out to any of our industry experts at any time for help or suggestions. 

What upcoming projects are you most excited about?
The Digital Asset Forum will host a session on the status and potential uses of Stablecoins for the September conference. Stablecoins have the power to transform many aspects of the financial services industry and it's exciting that this amazing team will help put a lasting imprint on the infrastructure for decades to come.

What are some of the most impactful lessons you've gained from ISITC so far? 
We are all engaged in commercial activity for the benefit of our respective institutions. At ISITC, we come together in a non-competitive way to progress the industry as a whole. It’s very rewarding to think about the human value of our work: people able to retire in a dignified manner, companies able to invest in research and development to make products that improve standards of living, cities and towns that can expand services to their constituents, a parent's ability to send funds around the globe for the benefit of a child in college – what we do is awesome.  

What would be your alternative dream job if you were not working in financial services? 
I would be thrilled to have a leadership role in an organization dedicated to wildlife conservation on a global scale.