ISITC Member Spotlight – Anne Suprenant

In our latest Member Spotlight, meet Anne Suprenant: Head of Registration Authority and Industry Liaison, Swift Standards.

When did you begin working with ISITC and what position do you hold?
I joined ISITC more than 25 years ago. In these many years of membership, I have served as a board member, a forum co-chair, a working group co-chair, a global industry advocate for standardization, an actively engaged participant (currently) and on occasion, a facilitator of fun.    


What has been your favorite part about joining the ISITC team?
I value the level of engagement, collaboration and partnerships across business domains, geographic regions and the diverse set of industry participants and organizations. ISITC members share the same objectives to cut costs and reduce risks, enhance Straight Through Processing (STP) at an industry level and to enable a consistent implementation of ISO messaging standards through globally harmonised market practices. 


What upcoming projects are you most excited about?
Interoperability continues to gain momentum across market infrastructures, digital and tokenized assets, and trade platforms as new technologies point toward further fragmentation. The continued focus on post trade transformation, especially in the US, to achieve shorter settlement times and increase efficiency in the securities markets. 

ISO 20022 is a common language that improves the quality and richness of data exchanged, allowing financial institutions to boost operational efficiency and enhance their customers’ experience, as well as deliver exciting, new, and innovative services. 


What are some of the most impactful lessons you've gained from ISITC so far?
Collaboration is key in our industry to move common agendas forward and Standards is an area where it makes sense to collaborate rather than compete. 

ISITC offers a platform for engagement, discussion and reflection on industry trends, new regulations, and the opportunity to shape the direction of future global market practice development. By crafting teams with varied thoughts, backgrounds, and inputs, ISITC has enabled the discovery of creative ways to solve problems, increase creativity and foster innovation. Perhaps a final lesson - you need patience to get things done in the Standards space…but when things move…they move!!


What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone starting out in the industry?
People who are open and engaged with the world and genuinely curious about the needs of others tend to stumble into all sorts of interesting things. Talk to everybody; networking is the foundation for modern careers – and it’s not just about career building, it’s about life building.