"State Street may be a large service provider that sees many scenarios in our industry but it doesn’t see all of them. The connections that ISITC has provided me both directly to fellow members and indirectly to their subject matter networks has proved invaluable over the years. The number of emails I have sent out to a person or small group from ISITC this year alone along the lines of “what would happen if” or “have you ever seen” is closing in on a dozen. It also helps my own credibility when I can say firm X has experienced this and here are their words of wisdom – the scenario instantly changes from a hypothetical to a real tangible thing. I am grateful for my firm’s involvement and that of all the members

- Brian Manning, State Street Corporation


“Being a member of ISITC allows collaboration with members from various parts of the industry that I would not otherwise have the opportunity. Combining expertise from all stakeholders in the lifecycle allows us to join forces and work together to solve issues and gain a better understanding of complex problems. It is a great feeling to know that others share the same experiences and are there to support you."

- Scott Shifres, State Street Corporation


"As an original founding member of ISITC, I cannot emphasis enough the impact ISITC has had in the industry, our individual organizations, as well as our professional lives. ISITC was or still is, the only organization where professionals meet to discuss common issues effecting their firms and solving them timely with the support of Vendors 

Prior to ISITC it was unheard of competitive Investment Managers, Custodian Banks, and Broker Dealers discussing common issues. In over 25 years, scores of issues have been addressed and resolved, saving the industry a significant amount of money, not to mention headaches. It is a great organization for learning, understanding issues effecting the industry, and networking, networking, networking, networking."

- Bea Inigo


“I thrive being at the cutting edge of industry change and driving market practices through my involvement in ISITC, which I am able to apply directly to my current role and company in support of efficient operations.”

- Aundrea Jarvis, Brown Brothers Harriman


"I've been a member with ISITC for many years (lost count!) where I have sat as Co-chair on the Reference Data & Standards Working Group and the Vendor Forum. ISITC has provided an opportunity to expand the footprint on products & services I represented to my peers and to the market space. ISITC has also increased my financial market knowledge and my networking circle during my 16+ years in the reference data space."

- Tom Baldinger, Bloomberg


"Being part of ISITC allows both individuals and firms the opportunity to lead the industry into the future. I feel it is important for Loomis Sayles to have a seat at the table to collaborate with the other knowledgeable members."

- Gary Heald, Loomis, Sayles & Company