Who We Are


  • An independent non-profit financial services organization in North America
  • Dedicated to solving inefficiencies across the transaction lifecycle
  • A member-run association providing opportunities for financial services operations professionals to collaborate on pressing industry topics
  • Comprised of investment managers, custodians, broker/ dealers, and vendors/utilities


  • Engage the collective expertise of our global community of securities operations and technology professionals
  • Create a platform to collaborate on key initiatives in financial services operations, including APIs, distributed ledger technology (DLT), data normalization, and cybersecurity standardization
  • Develop, publish, and promote market practices and thought leadership
  • Drive the financial services industry forward by reducing capital markets risk and increasing operational efficiency


  • Join a working group to collaborate with other member firms and produce market practices
  • Join a forum to connect with other ISITC members to discuss best practices and topics of interest
  • Attend our Fall Forum, Winter Forum and our Annual Securities Operations Summit to stay up to date on the latest trends and bring valuable insights back to your firm


Download our Association Overview