ISITC, founded in 1991 by a group of industry leaders who believed in the benefit of straight-through processing (STP), created an advanced standard electronic message format for mortgage securities trading, reducing time and errors significantly. Within 10 months of their initial meeting the new format eliminated inefficient delivery methods: facsimile, Telex, and re-keying (a notable accomplishment at the time).

Before long, other companies followed suit, and the standard electronic message practice became standard industry-wide. The group’s innovation created a unique opportunity to apply the success in mortgages to all industry sectors. It would take a distinctive organization to make this happen—the group officially became ISITC.


1992 – Publishes the first US market practice, it quickly gains industry adoption
1995 – The settlement cycle moves to T+3 from T+5
2002 – Publishes market practices in support of ISO15022 standards
2002 – Publishes Market Practice Custody Holdings Reconciliation
2003 – Publishes Settlement Market Practice Requirements for MT548
2004 – Publishes Listed Derivative Market Practice Guide, TBA Market Practice
2006 – ISITC celebrates 15 years
2006 – Endorses FpML Standard for OTC derivatives communications

2007 – Publishes Communication of Alternative Commission Details, Corporate Actions Market Practice, Re-Allocation Instructions Market Practice

2008 – ISITC Annual Vendor Show attracts over 25 vendors and 400 attendees
2008 – Publishes Compensation Claims Guidelines and Best Practices
2009 – Publishes Market Practice for Communication of Standing Settlement Instructions
2010 – Publishes Market Practice for settling security collateral ISO15022 standards
2010 – Creates Standard of Excellence Award
2011 – ISITC celebrates 20 Years!
2011 – Publishes Trade Matching Best Practice Reduce Industry-Wide Trade Exceptions
2012 – Launches the Regulatory Working Group to support global regulatory policies
2012 – Publishes Market Practice for Cleared Derivatives Communications
2013 – Collaborates with DTCC on Corporate Actions Transformation
2014 – Launches the Middle Office Working Group
2016 – ISITC celebrates 25 Years!
2017 – Launches new website
2017 – Publishes OTC Bilateral IM to Third Party Contract Notifications Market Practice
2017 – The settlement cycle moves to T+2 from T+3
2018 – Finalizes Transition Processing Best Practices
2018 – Collaborates with SIFMA AMG on Market Practice for Margin Call Process