Governance & Organizational Documents

The governance and structure of ISITC is defined in the bylaws.

Board of Directors
ISITC is governed by the Board of Directors. The Board meets monthly via conference call, or in person at the quarterly meetings. The Board is comprised of 12-20 individuals from General Member firms, representing each of our constituencies; Broker/Dealer, Custodian Bank, Investment Manager, and Vendor/Utility. Each Board member is allowed to serve up 3 terms of three years.

The Chair is the President and CEO of ISITC and presides at all Board Meetings. Officer Positions have a two year term limit and are elected by the Board of Directors with exception of the Immediate Past Chair.

There are six Officer Positions on the Board:

  • Chair – The President and CEO of ISITC and presides at all Board Meetings
  • Vice Chair – Second to Chair
  • Second Vice Chair - Supports the Vice Chair
  • Treasurer – Chairs the Finance/Audit Committee
  • Secretary – Records Board meeting minutes
  • Immediate Past Chair – Chairs the Nominating Committee

Board Committees
There are five standing committees of the Association as follows:

  • Finance/Audit Committee – Responsible for the budget and oversight of the annual audit
  • Marketing Committee – Responsible for event planning and public relations
  • Membership Committee – Responsible for oversight of member firm relations and new firm onboarding
  • Nominating Committee – Responsible for the Board election process
  • Website Committee – Responsible for website content and maintenance

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