Chairman's Message

Navigating change continues to be a common theme facing our industry. From emerging technologies, to new regulations, to increased competition across the board, we’ve seen a lot of disruption. Because of this, the role ISITC plays in our industry has never been more important. Our working groups and events provide a platform for industry leaders to come together and prepare for the evolution of the industry, which has enabled our members to drive their firms forward and adapt.

This past year has been filled with successes. We hosted the Annual Securities Operations Summit and the Fall Forum, both of which were highly engaging and informative events with top-notch speaker sessions. A key takeaway from these events is that collaboration and high-quality data are imperative in advancing the industry in the face of new disruptors.  

On the topic of collaboration and data quality, we partnered with EDM Council to host a webinar, “Navigating the Data Landscape”, in July. We will continue to seek out partnerships like this to help advance the industry. We’ve also expanded our network by participating with X9 and ISO, with SIFMA AMG to streamline the margin call market practice, and by working more closely with ISITC Europe. We’ve shared our industry knowledge at multiple events, such as Sibos, FIX’s Trading Briefing, FTF’s Collateral, Margining, and Derivatives Ops 2018, and EDM Council’s Member Briefing, to name a few.

Still to come, we’ll be hosting our Winter Forum in December. We’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Kay Swinburne, British Parliament member, to the conference to give an update on Brexit and the short- and long-term implications for cross-border operations.  Her unique experiences and insights will offer valuable takeaways as firms look to navigate the rapidly changing global landscape. We’ll also be receiving an update on ISO 20022 from SWIFT and will host a discussion with DTCC about SSI automation. We’re looking forward to finishing 2018 on a high note with what are sure to be enlightening sessions.

On behalf of ISITC, I want to thank all of our members, Co-Chairs, and Directors for your dedication and hard work each year. It’s because of you that we’re able to achieve our mission -- to lead financial services operations into the future. As always, we encourage you to ask questions and spark dialogues about what’s most important for your business at our Ask ISITC page – we’d love to hear from you.

It has been an honor to serve as Chair of such an impactful organization and I look forward to continuing to drive operations into the future!

Erica Borghi

Erica Choinski