Chairman's Message

Since our inception in 1991, ISITC has focused on operational improvements and automation with the goal of achieving greater levels of straight-through-processing (STP). Over twenty-five years later, STP remains a focus, but now across more complex instruments with shorter lifecycles. As our industry has evolved, so has ISITC- whether by assessing new technologies or regulatory initiatives, creating new working groups and forums, or collaborating across industry organizations, we have defined over twenty-five market practices and globalized several more. We continue to provide a platform for our members to engage on and better understand industry initiatives; a critical function given the pace and complexity of change will only accelerate in the years to come.

The increase in regulatory requirements has fundamentally changed Financial Services and our operational processes. Through various ISITC groups, we continue to assess and educate on the impact of new rules. There is also greater demand to leverage smart technologies that enhance security in response to the increased sophistication of cyber criminals. This year, our agenda focuses on evaluating these new technologies and collaborating with other industry groups to increase understanding.

Our conference program titled, “The Politics of Financial Change,” will address the above challenges and more. We are excited to welcome David Gergen, Senior Political Analyst at CNN, as this year’s keynote speaker. Mr. Gergen served as an advisor to four presidents and has published a New York Times best-seller, Eyewitness to Power: The Essence of Leadership, Nixon to Clinton. We look forward to hearing his insights on the current administration and how political changes create challenges and opportunities for the global economic landscape, progress in financial services technologies, and cybersecurity.

On behalf of ISITC, thank you to our speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and Marketing Committee volunteers for making this year’s vendor show possible, and thanks to all of you for joining us! We welcome your participation in the sessions, and please also feel free to reach out to our speakers during the networking breaks scheduled throughout the day. If you have additional questions or suggestions for topics to cover in a future ISITC session, we encourage you to share them in our post-conference survey. We hope you enjoy the program!

The future is ours to define. Let’s start paving the way!

Erica Borghi

Erica Choinski