Chairman's Message

It’s been wonderful enjoying the warm weather and summer season. As the third quarter comes to a close, I hope you all have the occasion to soak up these final weeks of summer with your families and friends. We really look forward to seeing everyone soon and will continue to adapt and remain flexible during this time until we can meet again in person. 

As summer comes to an end, so does our summer webinar series on blockchain and the future of ETD. I want to take a moment to thank our insightful panelists who created a meaningful experience for our members as well as all who joined. It was a fantastic series, covering blockchain and exchange-traded derivatives. You can be sure, we’ll be creating more webinars in the future on engaging and relevant industry topics. 

We’re looking ahead to our virtual Fall Forum happening September 13-15 — be sure to save the date! Covering the topics many of us need to be in-the-know on, we’ll address DTCC migration from Oasis to CTM, CSDR, ESG and digital/crypto assets. We’ll also explore T+1 and the impact on the post-trade industry and transactional life cycle. We plan to identify the impact on all working groups and forums through a series of keynotes and panels presented by industry experts. Register now to reserve your spot and view the agenda here.

As exciting changes around CSDR continue to take place around the industry, ISITC continues to actively work in conjunction with organizations like SMPG to implement CSDR practices both globally and locally for the benefit of the securities industry. The recommendations produced are intended to solve problems across the securities industry, with the hope that financial institutions will gain clear benefits to harmonize business processes and facilitate the usage of message protocols. 

Keeping in tune with our commitment to our members, we at ISITC are also committed to growing our membership and gaining new members who will contribute and positively impact our community. In parallel, we are also in the process of reviewing our membership structure and exploring opportunities to make membership more accessible to firms and their members. During our last board meeting in July, we began discussing the upcoming election for the 2022 officers. Stay tuned as we announce next year’s board.

Finally, I wanted to extend a thank you to our incredible Industry Partners, Bloomberg, InvestCloud and Swift for their continued support. They are tremendous organizations who are dedicated to the mission of ISITC. Many of their delegates represent organizations and are heavily involved in many ISITC working groups and forums. Their time and support is incredibly important to sustaining the success of ISITC.

Lisa Iagatta