Charles Boniver


Charles is a senior standards specialist working in the Standards department at SWIFT. Based at SWIFT headquarter in La Hulpe, Belgium, Charles is the head of Interact services under the newly created customer experience team headed by Cate Kemp. In this role, he manages the various Interact services where ISO 20022 messages are exchanged. In addition, Charles has a global responsibility to strengthen Standards’ engagement with the market and the rest of the SWIFT organization. Charles is involved in several industry groups (ISO TC68, vice convenor of the ISO 20022 securities Standards Evaluation Group (SEG) and facilitator of the ISO 20022 SEG investment funds evaluation team and the T2S evaluation team, programme director at the SMPG (securities market practice group), member of ISITC US and ISITC EU, …).

Prior to joining SWIFT, Charles was a senior manager with the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC I&TS) where he was responsible for ensuring that RBC I&TS followed the international standards and met their clients’ expectation for automation, leveraging the various products that SWIFT is developing for the community. Before joining RBC, Charles was a senior manager at Kurt Salmon (now Wavestone), a global management consultancy firm also based in Luxembourg where his main responsibilities were within client solutions for the securities industry. He also worked at the Bank of New York Mellon in Brussels, Belgium, where he held several positions, such as SWIFT product manager and co-manager of the project team.

Charles holds a MBA from McNeese State University in LA, USA.